Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV

Mouse Toggle for Fire TV
A mouse for your Fire TV


Version 1.06 has been released for the Fire TV.
Please update the Fire TV app for compatibility with the latest Fire TV OS update.


  • Use your regular remote as a mouse
  • Scrolling, clicking, long clicking, and dragging – Works just like a regular mouse.
  • Auto Device Discovery – Auto detects your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick for simple setup. The app also has a manual ip address entry feature too.


  • Fire TV – The Fire TV and the Fire TV Stick are supported.
  • Android phone or tablet to configure the app.
  • Remote: The stock Fire TV or Fire TV Stick remote.




How do I enable adb debugging on the Fire TV?
Settings – System – Developer options
Settings – Device – Developer options
ADB Debugging: ENABLED
Apps from Unknown Sources: ENABLED

How do I switch between the regular remote and mouse modes?
Press the ‘play / pause’ button 2 times quickly on the remote to toggle between the normal remote and mouse functions.

What does each key do when in mouse mode?
Up, Down, Left, and Right: moves the mouse pointer
Select: mouse click
Menu: scroll wheel up
Fast Fwd: scroll wheel down

Where can I find the IP Address of my Fire TV?
Settings – System – About – Network
Settings – Device – About – Network

The app states the network connection has timed out.
Please toggle the ‘ADB Debugging’ setting(Settings – System – Developer options) on the Fire TV off and then on again.

I can not activate the mouse mode.
Please verify that you are pressing the ‘play / pause’ button 2 times quickly(300ms). Also verify the status in the lower left corner says started.

I have other questions. Help?