Mouse Toggle for Fire TV – Version 1.06 released

Mouse Toggle version 1.06 has been released.



Here are the steps to update the app to the latest version(1.06) that is compatible with the recent Fire TV OS update:

  1. Uninstall the existing ‘Mouse Toggle’ app from the Fire TV.
  2. Toggle ‘ADB Debugging’ (Settings – System – Developer options) -or- (Settings – Device – Developer options) OFF and then ON again on the Fire TV.
  3. Upgrade the ‘Mouse Toggle’ app via the app store on your phone / tablet to version 1.06.
  4. Once ‘Mouse Toggle’ has been upgraded on the phone then select the ‘send’ button to update the app on the Fire TV.
  5. The ‘Mouse Toggle’ app should now open on the Fire TV so please verify the ‘Status’ is ‘started’ and the version is 1.06.

After the above steps are completed successfully everything should be working again.
Thank you